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wellbeing therapies

by Fiona

wellbeing therapies

My complementary therapy treatments offer you the chance to escape your busy life for a little and leave feeling revitalised. My psychological therapies include counselling, hypnotherapy and NLP. I can support you to improve your wellbeing in the longer term to deal with a range of issues including adjusting to life changes, weight loss, anxiety, stress and smoking cessation.

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Aims to relax your body, flush out toxins and improves blood and lymph circulation. Releases endorphins like serotonin to lift your mood.

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head and body massage

Stimulates the body to remove toxins, release muscle tension and improve oxygen levels. Improves circulation, joint and muscle flexibility.

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The right oil can have a positive natural impact on your body, mind and spirit. They can make you feel uplifted, energised, relaxed and support the healing process.

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auricular candle therapy

Wax and any impurities in the ear are drawn into the candle and out of the ear. Great for removing excess ear wax, travel sickness and equalising ear pressure.

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hynotherapy and nlp

A psychological therapy to help control or alleviate many conditions including stress, anxiety and negative behaviours. The therapy can support weight loss, smoking cessation and changes in behaviour.

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about fiona

I am qualified in the delivery of various complementary and psychodynamic therapies. This includes reflexology, body massage, aromatherapy and Auricular Candle Therapy (ear candles). My psychological therapies include counselling, hypnotherapy and NLP treatments to aid smoking cessation, weight loss, anxiety, stress relief and many other areas. So whether you are just interested in an uplifting head massage or your want to change how you deal with life's challenges I believe I can offer you what you are looking for.

about the therapies

The treatments I offer are part of the healing process which takes time. For any therapy to work it needs you to decide that you want to feel better. Whether you come to me to help relax, reduce your stress levels, want support in weight loss or want help in coping with an illness you are the most important part of the process. Everyone is an individual and everyone reacts differently to different therapies. Please remember that the treatments I offer do not replace conventional medical treatment and if in doubt you should always seek advice from your doctor before seeking any therapist.


Reflexology is based on an understanding that every part of the foot or hand directly relates to organs, glands or systems of the body.

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swedish body massage - women only

Swedish body massage works on the principle that massaging muscles in different directions stimulates the body to remove toxins, release muscle tension and improve oxygen levels in the blood. Women only service.

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auricular candle therapy / hopi ear candle therapy

The therapy essentially involves a facial massage followed by a specially designed candle being placed in the ear canal.

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head massage

A head massage involves massaging the upper back, neck, head and face of the client.

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Think about your favourite smell and the effect this has on you. Now imagine essential oils extracted from plants that have amazing therapeutic qualities being massaged into your skin.

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As a qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner I support clients experiencing stress, anxiety and specific phobias.

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Personal touch

I pride myself on making sure that the therapies I offer suit my clients needs.

My guarantee

I will only ever use high grade oils in my complementary therapy treatments.

Medicash and Bupa

Medicash and Bupa clients welcome.

Corporate Clients

I can deliver services to you as part of your staff wellbeing strategy.

  • Testimonial from Emmy (names and photos changed for client privacy)

    Definitely recommend Fiona if you have PMT

    I have suffered from severe PMT for ages. It was normal for me to vomit and feel generally unwell with every period. Fiona has supported me with reflexology treatments using aromatherapy oils for the past four months and I can honestly say my monthly periods are less heavy, I don’t vomit any more and I generally feel so much better. She gave me an aromatherapy blend that I could use between treatments so if I feel a bit low and moody and can use it in my body lotions and bath. She also gave me some simple massage techniques I could use myself to relieve symptoms. Definitely recommend Fiona if you have PMT.

  • Testimonial from Gill (names and photos changed for client privacy)

    Hypnotherapy helped me loose weight

    I have tried and failed with so many diets but I just kept putting the weight back on again. Fiona helped me address the reasons why I don't look after myself through hypnotherapy and I have lost and kept off the weight. Feel so much better about myself and feel in control of my eating.

  • Testimonial from Andrew (names and photos changed for client privacy)

    I am sleeping better and feel less stressed

    I was feeling pretty stressed at work and I always get aches and pains in my upper back and neck. I also get regular headaches. Fiona gave me a head massage and it did the trick. My neck feels looser, I am sleeping better and feel less stressed. Thanks.

  • Testimonial from Denise (names and photos changed for client privacy)

    Hypnotherapy helped me stop smoking

    I have never been to hypnotherapy before so was nervous but I was so desperate to pack in smoking I thought I would give it a go. Fiona worked with me to change how I behave and I don't need cigarettes now. Hypnotherapy was a good experience and so far so good. Now I am a non-smoker I have more money in my wallet, I feel healthier and can walk up stairs without gasping for breath.

  • Testimonial from Claire (names and photos changed for client privacy)

    I could feel the difference even after only one treatment

    I was a bit worried about the candle therapy, never heard of it before but I thought I would give it a go. I get terrible wax build up and can’t face syringing again. I was pleasantly surprised the facial was lovely and the candle was gentle and actually quite relaxing. Lots of wax came out of my ear and I could feel the difference even after only one treatment.

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